Food for Thought–A Farmer’s Tradition

Farming has been a tradition in Oregon for countless years. Many nomads flocked to Oregon to settle there and live a life close to Mother Nature. They wanted to live the life their ancestors once lived. The tradition of farming was engraved within their very souls. Having moved to metropolitan cities to find work in the corporate world during their early years, many Oregon natives later decided to return to Oregon to live life as farmers. Growing crops and harvesting them during the summer is how these farmers earn their living.

Crop rotation and using the richest soil is essential in acquiring nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. Farmers have known this fact for centuries but many have disregarded it for the sake of saving time, energy, and resources. Many would much rather harvest the crops without performing crop rotation. The customer pays the cost of this negligent action by buying produce that is cheap in quality. Oregon farmers have taken it upon themselves to provide their customers the highest quality produce. They try to avoid pesticides and herbicides when possible and they have put great efforts towards crop rotation. Failure to perform crop rotation results in soil that is deplete of minerals. To be precise, soil that has failed to undergo crop rotation simply consists of just 3 minerals (Sodium, Phosphorus, Potassium). The produce that is grown in such soil consequently only contains these 3 minerals. There are hundreds of other minerals that the human body needs in order to function. If humans are not acquiring these minerals through their diet, this can lead to health consequences.

As time is progressing, people are turning more towards supporting local farmers in their efforts to grow the highest quality organic produce through the implementation of crop rotation. To find more information on the benefits of organic farming, visit

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