Quality Produce in Demand

For many years farmers have taken the time to grow their food properly. From using nutrient-rich soil to harvesting crops at the peak of the season, many farmers strive to deliver the greatest quality produce possible. Due to increasing demand and the growing need to cut down costs, farmers are forced to compromise the integrity of their produce. Instead of using soil rich in a vast multitude of minerals, many farmers turn towards using nutrient-poor soil. It does not stop there. The time-constraint of having to deliver the produce to the marketplace before it spoils forces many farmers to pick their produce prematurely. Consequently, produce is not allowed to ripen naturally but rather ripens via fermentation.

According to recent studies, fruit that is ripened to perfection prior to being picked is superior in quality and nutrition. For this reason, many consumers are turning towards “tree-ripened” fruit. The health benefits of such tree-ripened fruit are innumerable and are an attestation to the innate healing power of truly ripened foods. The growing trend towards eating more raw fruits and vegetables is posing a great challenge to farmers. As more and more people are turning towards using raw fruits and vegetables as a form of natural medicine to cure themselves of their ailments, the demand for greater quality produce is increasing at a dramatic rate. With the growth in interest in juicing, fresh produce has been in greater demand than it has ever been in the past. This is apparent from visiting Youtube and becoming a witness to all the different juice recipe videos on this platform. Many people are curing sicknesses through juicing. Juicing has emerged as a key player in helping individuals of all ages combat arthritis, shrink fibroids naturally, and even cure such debilitating conditions as psoriasis.

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The growing interest in natural medicine through the consumption of natural produce has caused a significant rise in the juicing industry. The result of this has been a greater pressure on farmers to meet growing expectations. Oregon City’s Farmer’s market has been bustling with people since the onset of organic farming in Oregon. Up until now, Oregon’s farmers were able to provide enough produce to serve its inhabitants. With natural medicine trending these days, you can expect business to be on the rise for Oregon’s farmers for many years to come.

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